The Calling…

In the fall of 2009, God began speaking to Jason Parker’s heart about starting a church. Jason had been preaching and serving in other areas of ministry for 13 years prior and always knew his calling was to be a pastor. However, he assumed that it would be in a church already established. But God has a way of pulling us out of our comfort zones and doing more than we could ask or think!

The first time he mentioned the idea of planting a new church his wife asked the question I’m sure, many of you are asking, “We have a church on every corner, why do we need another one?” The answer lies in the form of another question. How many people are being reached for Christ and how effective have we been in carrying out the Great Commission?

Sadly, many churches are not willing to risk going out of their comfort zones to reach the lost by changing “the way things have always been done” to be relevant and effective in reaching this generation with the message of the Gospel. We’ve come to realize that church is not all about Christians being comfortable, it’s all about reaching the un-churched and having a place where they feel welcome, not judged. A place where we all unite to worship God, learn about Him and put into practice the things we learn. We cannot only be hearers of the Word of God, we MUST be doers also!

In the spring of 2010, after avoiding the issue as much as possible, God spoke to Jason’s wife, Christy, so plainly through His word that she could no longer question the direction God was leading them. In the middle of a Bible study she’d been reading on the life of David, was this verse in 1 Chron. 28:10 that said, “So take this seriously. The Lord has chosen you to build a temple and His sanctuary. Be strong, and do the work.”

That day as Christy told Jason what God had shown her, he began to cry and said he’d known all along, without a doubt, what they were supposed to do. He’d just been praying that God would show her that so they could do it together. So with the two of them sold out and fully surrendered to God’s will, they began to pray for God to send people that would help them in accomplishing this wonderfully amazing yet overwhelmingly huge task for the glory of God.

Into Action…

As spring of 2010 turned to summer, Jason felt led of God to talk to Daniel Albin about this dream that had been placed in his heart. Jason and Christy had known Daniel and his wife Marie for a few years and had seen their devotion to God and their heart for reaching people with the gospel. Daniel is extremely gifted in the area of media and technology. Marie is an awesome organizer, great at planning and she also loves working with children. After sharing with Daniel and Marie, they began praying to God for direction in their lives and a few weeks later were on board and ready to come along side Jason and Christy to bring make this God given dream a reality!

So with two young couples and many nights of prayer and planning later, the search began to find a worship pastor. God brought Jason Helms to mind and in meeting with Jason Helms and his wife Paula, Jason and Christy Parker told them where God was leading and asked if they’d consider coming to help.

At first Jason and Paula did not feel the same leading and had said they didn’t think that was where God would have them at this time. But as Jason and Christy left that meeting they still felt peace about it and felt in their heart that God wanted Jason Helms to be the worship pastor.

It Begins…

September 2010 was the first monthly service of Rock Solid Church! We didn’t have a place to meet and Jason had been praying for God to make a way. A brand new church that had not even had a service yet is not working with a very large budget either. But as Jason drove by Bay Banquet Hall one day, he thought he’d just call and ask how much they’d charge to hold meetings there once a month from September through December. At first he was quoted $500.00 a month, but as the owner continued to talk to him and found out what the reason for meeting were the price came down to $100.00 a month. That was just a God thing!

The monthly services were so exciting! We had people attending who hadn’t been to church in years or not at all. In the very first service, someone began a relationship with Christ!

We also had so many huge needs like a sound system, key board & microphone. God blew our minds and supplied all that and then some. Once again, above and beyond all that we could ask or think!

Then, in the October monthly service we were surprised to see Jason and Paula Helms walk in! A few days later, they met with Jason and Christy again and said that they had not been able to get Rock Solid off their minds and knew that’s where they were supposed to be. So when the November monthly service came we were happy to announce Jason Helms as our worship leader!

The Launch…

With the launch of weekly services starting in January, we had been praying for God to show us a meeting place that would be more permanent which brings us to, yet another, act of God! We found out that we’d be able to meet in Haney Technical Center every Sunday and also be able to set up and have band practice on Saturday. The director of Haney, Mike Heptinstall, has been so generous and such a help in making this happen. We also have an ideal place for the children’s area, a place to store equipment, a huge drop down projector in the main service and so much more…you know what comes next…than we could ask or think!

Since the launch on January 9th, God continues to blow our minds every single week with all that He’s doing! We took that first step of faith and God did the rest. We are living proof that when we obey, GOD IS FAITHFUL!!! He has sent families and individuals who are passionate about “doing” the work and not just “hearing” what should be done. We love and appreciate every single person God has sent to Rock Solid Church. Together, we want to make a positive impact on our community and spread the good news that Jesus loves us and Jesus saves!